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Sainik School

Sainik Schools are residential schools affiliated to CBSE and administered by Ministry of Defence. Started in 1961 with the aim of preparing the cadets to join Armed forces as officers, there are 33 Sainik Schools in the country. The training imparted in the school helps shape the social attitude and give a meaningful approach to the lives of these boys and emerge as strong individuals and leaders of India. Admission to Boys and for class VI and Class IX. Girls in Sainik School is done through the All India Sainik School Entrance Exam

Why Sainik School?

Sainik School is a dedicated institution which helps cadets to develop sense of tolerance, leadership, team spirit and co-existence which are relevant today and transforms a normal children into a skilled
and trained human being

To be eligible, candidates must meet specific age restrictions (for Class 6th 10-12 years & Class 9th 13-15 years) and successfully pass the rigorous written entrance examination, which tests their knowledge, aptitude, and determination.

For Class VI-
Intelligence Test2550
Language (English/Hindi)2550
General Knowledge2550
For Class IX-
Intelligence Test2550

The selection process is a two-step journey, starting with a written test and followed by a rigorous interview to identify those who exemplify the qualities of leadership and commitment.

Once admitted, students embark on a transformative educational journey that nurtures leadership qualities, preparing them for future service to the nation.

Sainik School Alumini

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